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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website's name, where Internet users can access your website. It is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. The domain name was developed because it is easy to remember for users to find businesses online instead of using an IP address like before.

Which domain name should I choose?

The domain name should typically be your website's name. It is a good practice to keep it short, meaningful, and easy to remember.

Do not hesitate to use forms such as "the" and "my" for your domain name. For example, Choose a domain name that is not easily confused by adding a single letter to it - For instance, you register using the name '' and a competitor proceeds to register '' driving your customers to another website.

Why choose eagleServe?

Choose us if you want to work with a multi-national organization that has a strong technical team which exemplifies what excellent customer support services are within the technological industry.

What is domain locking?

This prevents another user from hijacking the domain name that you have created on our site, we offer this protection free charge not every service provider does this but we do, that is the eagleServe difference.

What is domain forwarding?

This is similar to when a web page redirects a visitor to another website, but instead of using HTML or a script to do the redirection, the domain name itself redirects to the website. When a domin is set to forward visitors to another website, the domain's name does not stay in the web browser's URL bar. Instead, the new page's URL is displayed. This only applies to the domain and does not forward emails.

What does complete DNS control stand for and why do I need it?

Complete DNS control is the foundation of your online presence. DNS is used to control how visitors locate your website and how you receive emails. You can think of the domain as a street address, and DNS acts as your GPS.