Which SSL Certificate is Right for Your Business?

DV (Domain validated): is the most cost-effective type of certificate. It offers all the basic features of SSL with the least validation requirements. The fastest way to protect your site using HTTPS with the padlock display in the address bar. It simply means that it certifies the Domain name is registered, not the legitmacy of the company.

OV (Organization validated): this requires more steps to validation and therefore takes longer than DV certification. However, it also gives your site more credibility. An OV SSL certificate is required for online eCommerce payments. It also confirms ownership under the registry database. OV authenticates the website and your business. OV's are usually used by corporations, governments, and other entities that want to provide...an extra layer of security on their sites.

EV (Extended validation): this provides the maximum level of security and trust to visitors, and also requires the most effort and time to be validated. Per guidelines set by the CA/Browser Forum, extra documentation must be provided to issue an EV certificate (as described in EV SSL Requirements). The EV certificate will display the company name with the green bar behind it in the address bar. This is instantly recognizable and assures visitors that extra steps were taken to authenticate your site.


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Customer's privacy is reassured by knowing they are browsing in a protected site


Highly confidential payment information is always encrypted during checkout


Data is encrypted and later decrypted as needed at site owner's action


The SSL certificate is compatible with all major internet browsers


Google has announced that, sites operating with HTTP (SSL 2048-bit key ceritificate) will boost site ranking


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Need more security?
Upgrade your current SSL Certificate

Your current SSL certificate is not meeting your needs? And you are ready to for an upgrade? However, since SSL requires validation and Certificate Authority approvals, one can only transition a premium plan with the purchase of a new SSL certificate. You can enjoy the security of your existing SSL while the premium certificate is being vetted. Once your premium SSL is ready simply install it over your current certificate.

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