Here Today Gone Tomorrow! If online with no operational backup regimen that is what is guaranteed to happen to your data.
Our Secure Backup Service is configured to work as your external drive.
The services of course are backed up by our redundant infrastructure.

For pennies a day you can have the data encrypted while in storage. You will have your own personalized encryption and decryption key. You import the key securely onto your computing device with the option for the key storage on a supplied smart business card for added security. You get to keep the smart business card.


Find out what 1TB of storage can do

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Restore and Access:

You can restore/download and access your files from anywhere and anytime in the world.


You can backup any media like documents, photos, music and movies



Backup your data with high speed



Guranteed Secure Data Backup take guarantee on your data.
We store your data in our secure data-centers with high security.


All your files are encrypted (AES 256-bit encryption) on SSL before being transmitted


All online actions are actively monitored by our experts


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